Tips For Camping With Baby + $50 Babies R Us Gift Card #Giveaway

15-PG-3454 PHO-V1

Summer is so close I can taste it.  In fact, we just took our first trip out for the year in our camping trailer for the long weekend.  Camping wasn't always as luxurious and easy.  For years we camped in a tent, including all the years I was either pregnant and/or toting babies.  I love the memories we created with our family but I also remember how much work it was! Preparation pays off though so here are my tips for camping with … Read More...

Woozy Moo, a toy company that doesn’t discriminate against fun!

When it comes to toy shopping for kids, it is all about choosing something that will stimulate, educate and entertain the child you are buying for.  So many toy companies focus on toys for girls and toys for boys when kids really just want to play with the toys they “want” to play with.  I am sure there are many parents that can relate to having a little girl that wants to play with action figures, dinosaurs, cars and dolls.  Why not?  Woozy Moo … Read More...

Jewelry Deals for $3 or Less Including Shipping! 5/25

Tibetan Silver Blue Crystal Oval Turquoise Tortoise Inlay Pendant Chain Necklace $2.79 shipped Tibetan Silver Rimous Leaf Hollow Lace Blue Crystal Turquoise Pendant Chain Necklace $1.99 shipped Tibetan Silver Blue Oval Resin Cute Owl Dangle Drop Hook Earrings $2.99 shipped ibetan Silver Black Round Resin Embossed Tear Drop Shape Dangle Earrings $2.99 shipped Tibetan Silver Black Round Teardrop Resin Embossed Dangle Drop Hook … Read More...

Restaurant Deals for 5/22 & Beyond

Thanks to Smart Couponing for rounding up these restaurant deals! Who’s going out this weekend?  My tips for saving money on eating out are to order water (unless you have a coupon that requires purchase), consider splitting a meal or going out early enough to order off the lunch menu which is often significantly lower priced. Do you have any tips on saving money while eating out?  Here are the … [Read More...]

Free “Kick Off Your Summer” Cookbook! #CookingUpSummer

Steakhouse Potato Salad

Let Kraft help you plan the perfect celebration with the “Kick Off Your Summer” cookbook! I'm seriously drooling over some of the recipes!  Check out this small sampling of what you'll get in the cookbook:   Yum, right? Go get your free cookbook so you can enjoy some of these delicious recipes this summer! … [Read More...]

Celebrate Memorial Day with a Premier Protein Red White & Blue Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast Parfait

I was recently introduced to Premier Protein's line of products including shakes and bars.  I love that I can find them at Costco for a great price and they're perfect to have on hand for quick fuel — what busy mom doesn't need something easy to grab when there isn't time to make herself a meal? The individually packaged shakes are portion sized and don't need refrigeration (though they do taste … [Read More...]

Simple Solutions for Infant Food Allergies

Food allergies are a hot topic in America. From peanut bans in public schools to the rising popularity of gluten-free food, it seems that everyone has an opinion on what causes allergies and how to treat them. The parent of an infant who seems to be having an allergic reaction, however, just wants their child to feel better. The solution may be as simple as a change in a mother’s diet or choice of … [Read More...]

Farming Simulator #Giveaway #Sponsored


In Farming Simulator 15, just released on May 19th, players will develop and manage their own farm over two HUGE environments – a NEW Nordic environment, as well as a renovated American farm. The game invites you to create the farm of your dreams - planting and harvesting crops, breeding animals, selling fresh produce in a local market, and taking part in the NEW activity exclusive to Farming … [Read More...]

Tea Collection Memorial Day Sale: 20% Off + Free Shipping!

tea collection sale

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Tea is celebrating by offering 20% off of everything with the code WEGOTHERE. Plus they are giving you totally free shipping!   That's practically unheard of at Tea without spending at least $75! With such a fantastic promotion on Tea's go-anywhere styles, you can get your little citizens ready for all sorts of fun summer adventures!       … [Read More...]