Ava the Elephant® Review & Giveaway

My youngest son has kidney reflux.  I had never even heard of this until he was born and when he was 2 days old, I noticed he didn’t urinate for over half of a day.  We found out that day that he had Kidney Reflux (Vesicouretera Reflux for the smarties).  Basically, urine travels from the kidneys into the bladder.  His urine has abnormal flow and travels back into his kidneys.  So, as of right now, he takes an antibiotic everyday and will continue to do so for years until he either grows out of it or needs surgery.  Getting him to take his medicine used to be the biggest challenge.  He has gotten somewhat better, but it’s still not the easiest thing.
Enter Ava the Elephant®.  Ava the Elephant® helps children take their medicine with less stress on all involved.  The medicine dropper is hidden.  There is a button that gets pressed and Ava will say “One, Two, Three…Open wide! GOOD JOB!”  We insert the trunk of the elephant into his mouth while the counting hits three.  We are able to insert the medicine then.  Before we used this, all I could think about was how hard it could be to clean, BUT never fear!  Ava the Elephant® is dishwasher safe!  Yay!  I am waiting to see how long it takes for my son to get used to Ava and it not amuse him, but hopefully not until he’s older!
You can purchase Ava the Elephant® at CVS for only $9.99!

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