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I was never a smoker but I had a lot of friends that were.  That is until having children inspired them to quit.  Even though the benefits and motivation for quitting are significant, it’s not an easy goal to achieve.  Did you know that 85% of attempted quits are done without any support and that the average quitter is only successful after their 7th try?  Having support and a plan greatly increase your odds for success and that’s why the Blueprint to Quit program is a great place to start.

Nicorette and Nicoderm have put together a Walmart-exclusive program that gives you everything you need to quit smoking for good. The Blueprint to Quit program offers stop smoking aids as well as support to get you on the path to better health.  Some of the results are nearly instant while the health benefits are greater the longer you given up the habit:

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In addition to the health benefits, according to, a pack a day smoker will save $4,000 a year when they quit!  That’s a pretty significant chunk of change!

Blueprint to Quit combines stop smoking aids including gum, lozenges and patches with 24/7 online support.  Both are essential because smoking can be a physical addiction as well as a psychological and emotional addiction.

  • Join QuitNet: Get a $10 mail-in rebate for an online membership to Quitnet (a $39.99 value). Join this behavioral support community on its own or bundle with a select 14 different Nicorette or Nicoderm products.
  •  Get Educated by Experts: Watch videos of quit smoking experts and addiction specialists share their advice and tips about quitting smoking successfully.
  • Buy Now & Replenish: Purchase and replenish conveniently at Blueprint to Quit

For more information, visit the Blueprint to Quit website.

Feeling lucky?  Enter to win 1 of 10 QuitNet cards(valued at $39.99) to get you or a loved one started on the path to quitting smoking!

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This giveaway is open until March 6, 2013 at 12:01 am EST to U.S residents.

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