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Blogging 101

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The premise of is quite simple – anyone can create a profile and promote nearly anything, via influencer shares on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn, in just a few simple steps. They can even choose to target who spreads their message based on geographic or demographic information. It’s a pretty cool solution whether you’re promoting the car you’re selling, your Etsy shop, your newest blog post, your crowdfunding project, your upcoming event, or the launch of your Fortune 500’s newest product. The promotion possibilities are nearly limitless. Plus, it’s a great way for social media users to turn their influence into income when they share the promotional messages.

I’ve been using Advowire as an influencer for a couple of months now.  It’s a great way to supplement your income using your social media channels.  It’s really easy to use.  The social shares are pre-written.  Just choose the ones you want to promote and click a button.  That’s it!  You can share on each of your channels every 12 hours.

Whether your want to become and influencer or have something you’d like some help promoting, I’d highly recommend you check out Advowire!

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Techniques That Can Help You Build an Online Store

by Holly Duce on March 21, 2014

The idea of an online store can be very enticing for many people who have always had the business itch, but never the cash flow to open a store of their own. However, the Internet is littered with loads of failed startups over the last two decades. Those businesses figured that a large marketing blitz would take care of the hard work. Memorable commercials can help a business in the short term, but they’re not the only thing that needs to go right for the company to succeed. A steady website is the most vital piece of that long-term success, as it will be the front for all the work the company does to the general public.

Luckily, plenty of techniques and tools out in the market a novice seller can seriously consider purchasing with the aim of building a solid web presence. Finding the right Internet provider for your web access shouldn’t be all that difficult, as there are many out in the market that fit any budget. Getting the right design for your marketing will be a little more difficult, but it’s also easy to scan through the various designs available. The final piece of learning how to start to build an online store is getting a quality CMS system, however. That can take a little more trial and error, but will be worth it in the end for anyone involved with the business.

How a CMS System Can Help Spread Word of Mouth

Of course, being a rookie business owner doesn’t absolve one from making bad decisions, and the choice of CMS system is a pretty major one. What the term stands for is content management system, and it’s essentially the spine of any working website. A good CMS can allow for easy access for any potential customer, and withstand the increased interest from worldwide consumers. They can also make it easy for people to modify the amounts of stock available, and keep in contact with the warehouse handling the stock. The numbers of each item can be tracked and changed automatically, depending on what’s needed.

What to Avoid When Looking at CMS Options

Anything in business can be a huge failure if things go wrong, even with the increased familiarity of the technology involved. Even as CMS becomes standard, there are still possible issues to remember. Smashing Magazine once listed the most important elements to a CMS and leading the list is core functionality. Essentially, that’s the ability to do what you need the system to do. A blogging CMS would allow you to create pages, a commerce-based CMS needs the ability to upload photos of items and keep stock numbers current. Choosing the wrong CMS would sink the potential business before it got started.

Other Elements That shouldn’t be skipped

Lastly, all of the online techniques involved in crafting a website are without a doubt important. But the vital parts of customer service have equal stature, all the more crucial when considering the size of the business and the people involved. When someone gets a bad item or their order isn’t fulfilled, that falls on the store’s management to make it right, or else they’ve lost that customer for good. The lack of customers hurts that much more when the size of the potential market is small to begin with. So the typical business process any company goes through is made quicker by the use of online shopping. These days, any mistake is magnified and pointed out much faster than ever before.

If a small company bungles an order, that’s potentially serious for the long-term health of the business. If you’ve got a personal touch and remember to either email the customer, telling them that their reworked item is on the way or offer a refund, they’ll be willing to give the management a pass. Think of it as a second chance given because of a little bit of kindness. That can be worth all of the technological advances in the world to a happy customer. When something like that happens, it’s not uncommon to see the customer give the company a second chance.

However, that also means the company’s margin for error is just that much smaller. If another order is bungled, it’s a pattern that the customer will notice and move somewhere else to get the items they wanted. If this happens frequently, it’s down to the people in charge to make sure that the problem is resolved and fast. That could mean workers would lose their jobs or an overhaul of the CMS is needed, in which case the supervisor’s original research on CMS systems would need to be overhauled. For the majority of people on staff, it’s definitely not an appetizing possibility.

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