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Evenflo Gets Edgy

by Holly Duce on July 14, 2010

Juice Box Jungle wanted to know if I was offended by this video about having a potty mouth, if I could relate, did I laugh, or did I grind my teeth the entire time.  I was a little surprised about how OUT THERE the video was- I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic potty mouth- a little slip up maybe, but f-bombs?!  Evenflo really took a chance with this one!  I’ve included the link above for those who want to check it out, but didn’t post the video here so as not to offend anyone.

I cringed AND laughed a little at the video and I could relate to an extent.  We definitely watch what we say around our children and dropping the F-word just isn’t something that would happen accidentally or on purpose at our house.  We are much more likely to bite our tongue after letting the word “jerk” slip.  In any case, there are just certain words you don’t want to hear come out of your toddler’s mouth.  I was shocked one day when I heard my three year old utter the words “stupid idiot”.  I was only slightly relieved when I realized it wasn’t ME he learned it from.  I was however, extremely disappointed when I realized where he DID pick it up from- the movie Toy Story.  A DISNEY movie for goodness sakes!  What is the world coming to?!  LOL.  We’ve had several talks about how we don’t use the word “stupid” in our family and when I let it slip, he makes sure to let me know- “Mommy, we don’t say stupid.  That is not a nice word”.

As our kids get older we really have to watch which conversations we have or which television shows we watch in front of them.  They pick up on EVERYTHING!  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that little ears are always listening and that it’s best to teach by example.  This video was a great reminder of that!

Evenflo has just released the Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents. It looks really comfortable!  Evenflo andJuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post.

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Are YOU a Safety Nut?

by Holly Duce on June 17, 2010

Am I safety nut?  To some, maybe.  To others, not at all.  It’s all relevant.  There are a few things I am very diligent about.  One is not letting my 3 year old and 1 year old out of my sight.  No matter where we are, I like to keep them within a certain radius.  I want to be able to reach them quickly if they should fall or otherwise injure themselves.  At parks, I want to keep them safe from strangers.  My husband is a little more relaxed.  He tells me “they’re fine!” especially when we are at family’s homes and the kids want to play together in another room.  I check on them constantly.  Who knows what they might put in their mouth!

At home though, I purposefully don’t “baby proof” every square inch of our house.  I think kids need to learn boundaries and learn what is okay and what isn’t.  Sure, some things may get broken or colored on, but our children will learn.  Don’t get me wrong- I still take precautions like keeping our outlets covered, sharp objects and chemicals out of reach etc. I’m just not over the top with everything else.

As far as vehicle safety goes, I researched car seats for what was safest, learned how to install them and had them checked at a car seat safety inspection check point.  We move our car seats a lot more frequently now that we have two family vehicles and we have gotten comfortable in knowing that we are installing them properly without having them checked.

Evenflo has just released the Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents.  It looks seriously comfy (and safe!).  If you are in the market for a car seat, be sure to check this one out!

We want to know- Where do YOU fall on the safety spectrum?  Are you a relaxed and carefree parent?  Or do you shield your child from every germ and every possible safety hazard.  Let us know by leaving a comment!

Evenflo and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and talk about what child safety means to me and my family.

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Juice Box Jungle: Take 10

June 11, 2010

Juice Box Jungle wants to know:  “Are you able to carve out at least ten minutes of time for yourself each day?  If you only have ten minutes, what do you do with that precious time?” Since my kiddos are still little and take naps, I am able to get more than ten minutes of […]

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New on JBJ: Canon Power Shot

May 7, 2010

Before my first child was born I felt a strong need for a video camera.  I didn’t want to miss any precious moments.  We received a camcorder as a gift the Christmas before he was born and I have to say- the only things on that camera are the first baths of each of my […]

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Juice Box Jungle: Your Life on the Big Screen!

February 24, 2010

Hyundai and Glamour Magazine, along with JuiceBoxJungle, are sponsoring me to write about a poignant parenting moment with hopes that a big A-List Hollywood star will direct it on the big screen, like this short film Kate Hudson did with Glamour Reel Moments. You can enter too at ! I don’t know that my […]

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New on The Juice Box Jungle Widget: $1 off Coupon + $500 Contest

February 15, 2010

As parents, our children are our number one priority. When one of the kids falls ill, one parent must halt all plans to care for them. This often means missing important meetings or dates that we were looking forward to. Fortunately for me, my children are quite healthy and I haven’t yet had to miss […]

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