Evenflo Gets Edgy

Juice Box Jungle wanted to know if I was offended by this video about having a potty mouth, if I could relate, did I laugh, or did I grind my teeth the entire time.  I was a little surprised about how OUT THERE the video was- I wasn't expecting such a dramatic potty mouth- a little slip up maybe, but f-bombs?!  Evenflo really took a chance with this one!  I've included the link above for those who … [Read more...]

Are YOU a Safety Nut?

Am I safety nut?  To some, maybe.  To others, not at all.  It's all relevant.  There are a few things I am very diligent about.  One is not letting my 3 year old and 1 year old out of my sight.  No matter where we are, I like to keep them within a certain radius.  I want to be able to reach them quickly if they should fall or otherwise injure themselves.  At parks, I want to keep them safe from … [Read more...]

Juice Box Jungle: Take 10

Juice Box Jungle wants to know:  "Are you able to carve out at least ten minutes of time for yourself each day?  If you only have ten minutes, what do you do with that precious time?" Since my kiddos are still little and take naps, I am able to get more than ten minutes of kid-free time per day.  Do I use it for "me time"?  Not usually.  That time is best spent doing tasks which are easier to … [Read more...]

New on JBJ: Canon Power Shot

Before my first child was born I felt a strong need for a video camera.  I didn't want to miss any precious moments.  We received a camcorder as a gift the Christmas before he was born and I have to say- the only things on that camera are the first baths of each of my two children and my son's first birthday party.  The content is still sitting in the camcorder, not on a disk or on my computer … [Read more...]

Juice Box Jungle: Your Life on the Big Screen!

Hyundai and Glamour Magazine, along with JuiceBoxJungle, are sponsoring me to write about a poignant parenting moment with hopes that a big A-List Hollywood star will direct it on the big screen, like this short film Kate Hudson did with Glamour Reel Moments. You can enter too at http://glamalert.com/reelmoments/ ! I don't know that my life is interesting enough for the big screen but with … [Read more...]

New on The Juice Box Jungle Widget: $1 off Coupon + $500 Contest

As parents, our children are our number one priority. When one of the kids falls ill, one parent must halt all plans to care for them. This often means missing important meetings or dates that we were looking forward to. Fortunately for me, my children are quite healthy and I haven't yet had to miss something important due to an illness (knock on wood). While I certainly don't want my children … [Read more...]