Dinner @ 6: Recipes with 6 Ingredients

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Each week Dinner @ 6 will highlight a recipe using just 6 ingredients that was submitted by a reader. This week’s recipe was submitted by Casey (do toothpicks count as an ingredient?  They do today:

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers


2lb Boneless Chicken Breast Filets
1lb Pepper Bacon
1 bottle Dale’s Marinade
Cream Cheese
1doz Jalapeno peppers


Marinade chicken overnight in Dale’s marinade. When fully marinaded, the chicken will appear dark brown.

Split Jalapenos in half, making sure to clean seeds and membrane unless you want real heat. Split peppers again into quarters. Repeat with all peppers.

Cut chicken into bite size pieces corresponding to the number of peppers you have quartered. (approx. 48pcs)

Spread fair amount of cream cheese on inside of each quartered pepper. Once cream cheese has been added, you can begin to build the rest of the appetizer by adding a piece of chicken on top of the cream cheese. To complete, wrap with pepper bacon and place toothpick through appetizer to hold in place.

Bake on cookie sheet or in baking dish at 350 for about fifteen minutes. Finally broil for five minutes to crisp bacon. You may have to flip the poppers to ensure that both sides of the bacon get crisp. This can be done by broiling on the opposite side for an additional five minutes. Now you are ready to enjoy. These make a nice appetizer for a cook out or gathering.

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