Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review


Last night was family movie night at our house.  Since our kids are 5, almost 4 and 2 we usually watch something animated.  This time we switched it up with [amazon_link id=”B005LAIIL2″ target=”_blank” ]Disney’s The Odd LIfe of Timothy Green[/amazon_link].  I had seen the previews awhile back and thought the movie looked good so I was excited to see it. The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an uplifting story the whole family can enjoy.

When Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim (Joel Edgerton) get the news that they cannot conceive a child on their own they mourn the loss by writing down all of the attribues they dreamed of for their son or daughter, put them in a box and buried it in the garden.  Later that night during a storm a boy appears in their house covered in mud and has leaves sprouting from his legs.  His name is Timothy, the same name Cindy and Jim had picked out for a baby boy.  They quickly realize he was meant to be their son.  Sometimes a person comes into your life for only a season, to teach you and important life lesson.  Timothy does just that for Jim and Cindy as well as many other characters in the movie just by being his sunny self.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a unique story unlike any other you’ve seen or heard.  There are metaphors your children may not understand but they’ll pick up on the important lesson that it’s okay to be different.

My kids and I enjoyed the moved.  The hubs on the other hand was far less impressed.  He’s a dude, what can I say?  There was absolutely no action in this movie, just a pretty story — not really his cup of tea.  That being said, he did watch the movie in it’s entirety without falling asleep and there is something to be said about that!

This Disney movie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The combo pack retails for around $40 while the single disc DVD sells for around $30.

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