Go Green With This Week’s Tip + My Favorite Green Pinterest Pin Of The Week

Today’s Tip from The Green Year: 365 Small Things You Can Do to Make a Big Difference: Recycle!

“You can have a huge impact on the environment by recycling.  If everyone in the United States took a few minutes a week to separate their plastic, paper, and aluminum products from the regular trash, the amout of wast sent to the landfills would be reduced by 75 percent.  Remember, recycle is the law in some states. You can increase your odds of recycling by putting a recycling box in every room of the house”

This week’s tip seems pretty obvious to me but there are people out there who don’t recycle.  Most cities make it really easy to recycle and some even give you a break on your bill. Make sure you’re doing your part!

My brand new smooth cooktop stove that I won from this post will be arriving in a couple of weeks!  I can hardly wait!  I found this inexpensive, easy and green way to clean it!  Check it out!

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