Gtech AirRAM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Sometimes I cannot believe how well things work out.  I’ve been having problems off and on with my vacuum cleaner for the last couple of years.  It seems like every time we plan on having a birthday party or other large gathering at our house, the vacuum breaks.  My father-in-law has fixed it several times.  Last week it just turned off in middle of my vacuuming and wouldn’t turn back on.  A couple of days later I received the Gtech AirRAM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for review.  I thought the idea of it was really cool but didn’t have high expectations. Our house was already set up for a central vacuum system when we bought it.  We just need the unit.  I have been bugging my husband about it for months.  He’ll be happy to know that the nagging has stopped because I LOVE the AirRAM and as long as it holds up, I don’t see a use for any other vacuum.  I love this thing!

Finally a powerful full sized cordless vacuum cleaner for the whole house!  The Gtech AirRam High Power Vacuum Cleaner is any homeowners dream.  Weighing just 7.7 pounds, this vacuum cleaner works wonders on bare floors and carpets alike and transitions seamlessly.  Powered by a professional grade Li-ion battery that offers up to 60 minutes of runtime per charge, there’s no annoying cords to get caught up in.  There are no messy bags to empty either!  It’s innovative technology compresses dirt into compact bundles for easy and mess-free disposal.  The lightweight design and swivel steering makes vacuuming around and under furniture easy without any special attachments. A LED indicator lets you know the unit’s remaining power so you can charge up as needed.  You can pull out the battery with the click of a button to charge it or just leave it in — whichever is easiest for you!

With the exception of our living room, master bedroom and some stairs that are carpeted, the rest of our home consists of hardwood floors.  Normally I sweep but with the AirRAM it’s so much easier to vacuum!  It glides effortlessly across the floor easy and picks up all the crumbs and mess.  There’s no need for an edger attachment because it can be maneuvered right along the wall and somehow picks everything up, even on the carpet.  I was impressed! The vacuum is quite a bit harder to push on our plush carpets but did a phenomenal job.  In fact, after only vacuuming the living room, hallway and master bedroom, I had to empty the little dirt bundles.  I mentioned that my previous vacuum was on it’s last legs but apparently it was doing a much poorer job that I realized!  The AirRAM vacuum picked up everything my other vacuum cleaner missed.

The AirRAM is so convenient to use, I expect my house to be much cleaner than it used to be.  I keep the vacuum “parked” in my pantry and can just pull it out and turn it on whenever the need arises.  No moving from plug-in to plug-in, lugging around a heavy canister or attaching special parts.  I can even use it on my stairs.  Again, I was surprised how well it actually worked.  It even picked up stuff at the very back of each stair that I normally need to use an attachment for.  Stairs are a little awkward to do with the AirRAM but it works well enough not to need a separate vacuum.

Watch this short video to see the AirRAM in action:

The AirRAM is available exclusively at Brookstone locations nationwide and is currently on sale for $299.95. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

A complimentary product/service was provided for this review, however, all opinions expressed are my own.  I was not compensated in any other way.  See Mommies With Cents disclosure policy for more details.

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