How to Use Up Leftover Watermelon

Photo Jul 10, 5 14 02 PMMy husband and I aren’t huge fans of watermelon but my kids really like it.  We had a ton left over from 4th of July because apparently none of the other adult guests were fans either. Even though my kids weren’t really tiring of eating watermelon off the rind, I wanted to use it up and get it out of the fridge.  My first thought was to put it in a smoothie but I had no idea what to pair it with.  We went to the blueberry farm and picked 5 pounds today so I thought “Blueberries it is!”  I cut up the rest of the watermelon, threw in about a cup of blueberries and ice (a red Solo party cup full) into the blender. DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER LIQUID! The watermelon is liquid enough!

Photo Jul 10, 7 42 14 PM

The batch I made was enough for one adult and three child size cups.  I actually really enjoyed it despite my lack of enthusiasm for all things melon.  I think next time I’ll add an orange.  I’m still not sure what really goes with watermelon but it seems like orange would have blended in well with the flavors.  How do you use up watermelon?


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  1. Ruth chu says

    this sounds like a great idea i love both produce items maybe freezing the items next time for a smoothie slushy?