Introducing Bluebird by American Express & Walmart

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be documenting my experience with Bluebird, a checking and debit alternative from Walmart and American Express.  Tired of bank fees?  Need some help with budgeting and managing your money?  Bluebird is a nearly fee-free and easy solution.  I’m especially excited to use it to help me stay within budget for my holiday shopping.

To get started with Bluebird you can either register for free online and have a card mailed to you or you can pick up an account set up kit at Walmart for $5 which you can load and start using immediately.  You can use the Bluebird card to:

  • Make Purchases — The Bluebird card can be used at millions of locations in the US and Internationally wherever American Express is accepted.
  • Pay Bills — Bluebird members can pay any person or business in the US either online or via the mobile app.
  • Get Cash Access —  Members can use their Bluebird Card for ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world as long as it accepts American Express Cards.  Bluebird Members enrolled in direct deposit can get fee-free and surcharge-free cash access through the MoneyPass’ network of 22,000 ATMs nationwide. Withdrawals at an out-of-network ATM will have a $2 fee and additional fees may be assessed by the ATM owner or operator. For Bluebird Members not enrolled in direct deposit, each ATM withdrawal at any  MoneyPass ATM nationwide will have a $2 fee.
  • Deposit Money — Money can be loaded to your card online through a bank account, debit cards and direct deposit.  You can also deposit checks to your card with remote check capture via the mobile app or by loading cash onto your card at Walmart registers.
  • Create Subaccounts —  This is a really neat feature that allows you to create and manage subaccounts that are linked to your master account.  It lets you set up spending limits, text and email alerts and allows your to enable or disable features such as ATM access depending on your needs.  This is perfect for your older children, nanny and more!

A free mobile app is available for iPhone and Android users.  Members will be able to send and receive money, view transactions, add money, and manage subaccounts via their phone!

Bluebird members will also get access to value benefits including:

  • Purchase Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Global Assist Services
  • 24-7 Customer Service

As you can see from the table below, Bluebird offers a lot for next to nothing.  You can find out more by visiting

Follow me over the next 6 weeks as I explore different ways to use Bluebird in my daily life.  I can think of lots of good uses for Bluebird and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

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