Manhattan Toys “Imagine I Can” Series Review

Photo Mar 11, 4 52 49 PMWhile I love technology and the fact that my kids get to experience a lot of really cool gadgets I still believe that getting back to the basics is essential in their growth and learning.  There’s a reason kids love empty cardboard boxes.  It gives them the chance to use their imagination and to be creative.  Manhattan Toy, a specialty toy maker based in Minneapolis just launched a series of 28 appealing arts & crafts, do-it-yourself, role-play and puppet kits plus exciting games collectively known as the brand new “imagine i CAN™” series

These kits have been featured on The View and Parenting magazine has named them as one of the best toys of Toy Fair.  The kits are priced from $5-$20 and include something for everyone whether they like games, activities, knitting or other crafts.  Most of the kits come in a tin for travel and neat storage.

We tried two games from the Imagine i CAN series on our recent vacation.  Since it was our first family vacation and the first time flying with all three of our little ones I was a little nervous.  I had packed each of them their own little tote back and snuck one of these games into my 4 and 5 year old’s bags hoping it would help keep them occupied.  I couldn’t have been happier with these products.  First, the size was perfect — 31 pieces or less all housed inside an adorable little tin.  The games could easily be played on the airplane’s tray tables.  Secondly, the games were simple enough to learn without reading a bunch of confusing directions. Finally, the games can be played in just a few minutes so the kids didn’t get bored in the middle and quit.

Our seats on the plane were split up so my oldest two didn’t sit together.  That meant that these games had to be played with an adult.  It was fun spending quality time together playing these fun and easy games.  When we were finished, we just switched tins back over the seat so we could play them both.  These are the ones we played:Photo Mar 11, 5 58 56 PM



Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 1.12.16 PMI Can Catch a Pirate — This game can be played with 2-5 players.  It comes with 31 pieces including 3 dice, a pirate figure and 27 cards. For ages 3 and up. Be the first player to capture 5 pirates by rolling all three dice.  The dice determine the color of the card, the number of pirates and whether they are boy or girl pirates.  Be the first to find the match and grab it before your opponent does!

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 1.06.23 PMCaterpillar Connect  — This game was perfect for my 4 year old because of it’s simplicity. It comes with 22 caterpillar pieces and a die. The object of the game is to be the first to build your caterpillar.  Divide the pieces evenly between players then take turns rolling the die.  The player adds a colored piece determined by the die.  If the player doesn’t have a piece that color, their turn is skipped.  To use the patterned side of the caterpillar pieces it must be built from right to left.  This seems backwards to me so we just used the plain colored side to build the caterpillars from left to right.  Since my son is learning to read and doing most things from left to right, I thought this method was best.
We loved both of these games.  I wish the directions were printed on a sticker and stuck to the bottom of the tin though in case we forget because we lost the printed directions that came inside already.
Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 1.13.18 PMPet Rock Pals — No rocks?  No problem!  This kit comes with clay to make your own rocks that look and feel real when dry.  It also comes with a variety of supplies to give your rock a personality.  Googly eyes, felt pieces, and pipe cleaners allow you to create fun little pets.  All of the supplies are stored in a handy tin.  We love a good craft project and this one is right up our alley.
To find out more about these toys and others visit the Manhattan Toys website and “like” Manhattan Toy on Facebook.

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