Monsters University: The First Act Guitar & Microphone Review


My four year old daughter LOVES to sing.  I’ll admit, sometimes it can be annoying but most of the time it’s super cute and funny.  She makes up all of her own lyrics. About 90% of the time they involve food or unicorns.  I listen to her as she’s playing or coloring and smile (or giggle) to myself but when she catches me listening, she gets out her guitar and puts on a show.  She prefers acoustic.  My two year old daughter on the other hand cannot get enough of the microphone whether its plugged in or not.  She’s happy to drag it around with the cord while signing into it loudly. She’s getting as good as her sister

Mike and Sully, two lovable monsters from the popular Disney Pixar movie, Monsters University are featured on The [amazon_link id=”B00CWI6T1M” target=”_blank” ]First Act Microphone[/amazon_link] and Amp and [amazon_link id=”B00D1LQQAI” target=”_blank” ]Acoustic Guitar[/amazon_link].  Your kids can rock out in their own band!  The acoustic guitar is the perfect size for little hands.  It was designed for comfort with great tone and low string action which makes it easy for beginners.  String post covers protect small fingers.  The microphone has an adjustable stand to be set at the right height for your rockstar. It has a volume control and an input for MP3.  It requires 4 AA batteries which are not included.  Go wild!  The guitar retails for around $45 while the microphone sells for around $25.

These two items are well loved at our house.  They get a lot of use and come with a high recommendation from my girls.  Together or separately, the make a great gift too!

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