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Popar is back with another fun 3D product unlike any other!  My son and I were very excited to test out the 3D Interactive Puzzle Games.  It’s like getting two activities in 1.  First you put together the puzzle.  Then, using the free app, you get to play several related games in 3D!  We tested out the Football Puzzle which has 300 pieces.  The box says it’s for ages 6+.  My son is 6.  He tried several times to put the puzzle together on his own but his little sisters kept sabotaging his progress. Last night I finally had the time to sit down with him to help him put it together without interference. I can’t remember the last time I put together a puzzle.  It’s never been a hobby of mine but my son loves them.  I thought it was pretty difficult.  We ended up having to move pieces we thought fit after we realized they didn’t and the puzzle wasn’t going together correctly.  It was challenging for sure but we finally got it done.  We were rewarded with two super fun mini-games!

There are two choices, running or throwing.  In running, you dodge objects that scroll up and over the puzzle and try to score touchdowns.  In passing, our favorite of the two, you try to hit as many targets with your football by tapping the screen.  You can get laser power ups and extra time by hitting specific targets which makes the game a lot more fun.

We have a cover on our iPad which makes it difficult to play the games.  You have to hold the iPad upright and aim the camera at the puzzle.  Jackson can’t do this very well on his own so I had to hold it for him.  Removing the cover makes it easier but it’s still a little awkward for younger kids. I might try the games on my iPhone.  Even though the screen is smaller, it will be a lot easier to hold making the game easier.

The puzzles come with a little poster inside of what the finished puzzle will look like.  Had we actually read up on the product before diving in we would have known that you can play the game using the poster — you don’t have to actually use the puzzle.  While I’m happy to know this for the future, I’m glad I didn’t know before hand because I may have given up on the puzzle.  Instead I got to spend quality time with my son and show him that hard work pays off :)




We also got the Basketball puzzle which Jackson will be working on with Grandma during the girls nap time today.  Grandma happens to like puzzles as much as Jackson so I’m sure they’ll have a great time.  As for me, I’m excited to play the basketball games on the iPad tonight after they complete it:

“Get ready to travel around the world as a Basketball  All-Star in search of hidden basketball hoops in destructible, everyday environments. You’ll be able to destroy an office building, a back alley, a rooftop, and much more in your search for the hidden hoops. Lace up your sneakers and challenge your friends to be the best ball player. Make each hoop and earn 3 stars in each level to become a true Basketball All-Star!”

Priced at just $14.99, these puzzles make a really unique gift!  There are seven different versions in either 100 or 300 pieces:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Construction
  • Picnic
  • Planets
  • Princess

The free apps are available on Apple and Android devices but only work with the puzzle/poster.  You can find out more about these products at www.PoparToys.com.

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