Skylanders Contest: Win a Prize Pack!

Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Skylanders Spiros Adventures came up with the idea for Skylanders Giants based on a poem his son wrote titled “If I Were a Skylanders”.  The poem also inspired a national writing contest to inspire kids and parents to work together to create their own Skylanders characters with special powers.

If you were a Skylander, what would YOU be?  Write a poem or a paragraph describing your Skylander for a chance to win a prize pack worth over $75!

More about the Skylanders game:

It can be a battle between parents and kids when it comes to video games.  Parents want their kids to establish real friendships and relationships rather than being glued to a video game.  Kids have a one track mind and just want to play video games all day.  There’s a new game that could work as a compromise. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure reinvents the video game by combining real-world, virtual game worlds and online game play into one.  The starter pack comes with a copy of the game on your choice of format (PS3, Wii, XBox, or PC), 3 Skylanders figures, a Portal of Power peripheral, character poster, trading cards, sticker sheet, web codes and batteries.  You can collect and play with the Skylanders figures with your friends, then use the Portal of Power to teleport the characters and play with them within the video game.  With over 30 characters to collect, each with their own personality, powers and ability, kids can play the game time and time again, each with a different experience and outcome.  Each figure remembers shared experiences and leveled-up abilities allowing players to customize their characters as well as take them along to a friend’s Portal of Power for co-op play or arena battles.  Different challenges and mini-games are hidden throughout the Skylands making the journey into the mysterious world and mystical lands one worth exploring.  Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure starter pack retails for around $69.  Find out more about Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure at  

Some of our favorite Characters are Warnado, Camo and Wham Shell.  It’s a lot of fun collecting the different characters because they each do different things.  My son loves getting together with his cousins to play Skylanders for a fun and interactive experience.  They get so excited about the latest characters and each have their favorites.

Feeling lucky?  Enter to win the Skylanders Prize pack by filling out the form below AND leaving a comment with your poem.  The prize pack will contain:

  • PowerA’s Skylanders Adventure Case
  • Warnado (New Wave 5 Character)
  • Camo (New Wave 5 Character)
  • Wham-Shell (New Wave Character)
  • Legendary Trigger Happy
  • Legendary Spiro
  • Legendary Bash
  • Legendary Chop Chop

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This giveaway is open until April 20, 2012 at 12:01 am CST to U.S residents.

Your information is confidential and used for contacting the winner and prize fulfillment purposes only.

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  1. April James says

    If i were a Skylander I would be called Lightwing. Lightwing would be magic and have powers that resemble lightning spells and the ability to fly. Lightwing would resemble a hippogryph with a dark blue body and silver and black feathers on the wings and face. Skill upgrades would include calling thunder and making a lightining storm area of effect spell.

  2. Kenny Fensom says

    If I were a Skylander I’m not which one I would be since I haven’t tried the game

  3. says

    If I were a skylander I would be call Vocathunder. I would have the strength of a thunderstorm yet be sneaky and fast .

  4. anna says

    If I were a skylander I would be ….. – My name would be Guffry the spiky and I would be a fire eating gnome dragon – with very big scary teeth and a long spiky tail! I am always hungry and will eat everything and then I would burp really really loud! which is when the fire shoots out of my mouth!

  5. Sheena says

    If I were a Skylander I would have the ability to take on the powers of all the other Skylanders. After all, I am super-mom, super-student, and super-worker. I have to be able to do anything.

  6. Tari Lawson says

    I don’t know alot about Skylanders (I leave that up to my son…lol). If I were a skylander, I would be a plant. I would have a pretty flower with lots of thorns all over my stem (like a rose but a more unique looking flower in dark colors – think evil). My powers would include releasing a toxic gas and shooting my thorns. A hidden power would be vines that coult be used to entrap my opponent.

  7. britney says

    if i were a skylander
    i would be fast
    with every breathe there was a blast
    I would be purple spots and all
    the evil doers all shall fall
    I save skylands yes i do
    Would you liketojoin me to?

  8. Jen & Mason says

    My skylander would be awesome,
    he would be so very tough
    He would be a tiger
    He would fight until he had enough.

    He would be the very best
    he would win it all
    the others wouldn’t know what to do
    they would all just fall

    Mason age 5 (with some of mommy’s help to rhyme)

  9. Heather Bridson says

    hmm, if I were a skylander, I would be a dragon in disquise as a pug….
    I’d breathe fire, fly, and have the power to disarm any enemy by spinning and making them laugh.

  10. Trixie says

    My Skylander (that would be me)
    would have really huge eyes to see
    with spikes all around
    she’d stomp on the ground
    and all of the villains would flee

  11. william says

    if i were a skylander i would have the ability to fly and drop fire balls, i would also be able to turn invisible and attack in surprising ways.

  12. Kimberly Schotz says

  13. MAMOTTS says

    I would be a new one
    that could lift a ton
    stop thebullies and abusers
    andcontrol all the nasty losers

  14. Sawyer Paccione says

    If I was a Skylander my name would Winterflame a white wolf that can shoot ice from its mouth. The wolves tail would be a snake that is able to shoot fire . Winterflame’s to paths would be fire or ice and his soul gem would allow you to shoot a powerful beam of fire and ice at your enemy.

  15. sarah marion says

    If I were a Skylanders I would have the ability to see what is coming next. With this sort of power I could see what the enemy is going to do and be able to fend them off!!

  16. Steve Stone says

    I would be called the bullwizard. I would look like a bull and human and have magical powers.

  17. Selinda says

    If I were a Skylander, I would be TreeLove and I would have the ability to grow trees between me and those that attacked me and the trees would protect me and branches from the tree would attack enemies.


  18. Pauline M says

    My skylander would be SaborSally,
    light and quick, she runs,
    when she fights, she flits round and round
    makes you dizzy when you hit the ground!

  19. says

    I would be in the Magic category and would love to be able to disappear, stun enemies with a ray of light, and take on powers of any other Skylander at will. I would look like a blue calla lily as to deceive my opponents to thinking I am a gentle Skylander.

  20. YAhn says

    If i were a skylander i would be fast
    That my long list of things to do would be in the past.
    I would look like water, clear yet with a hint of blue
    Because i’m an ally you’d want to have because i’m so cool!


  21. Lucas E. says

    Name: Starbright
    Element: Fire
    Powers: Would shoot beams of light from her hands. Would also stun enemies with her bright light.
    Summary: Starbright is a bright figure with a faint female-shaped body. She is good at long distance attacks.

  22. Nathan says

    If I were a Skylander I would be Inferno. To begin with I am a fire type Skylander who can blast fire stars from my hands. I look like a warrior who has dragon marks around my face and my hair is on fire. I can also charge at people and when I touch them they light on fire. My soul gem ability would be to create a fire shield around me.
    My upgrade path would be the fire star one because I like far range attack
    Thank you for let me entering

  23. Lucas E. says


    Skylands was a peaceful and quit place with Eon as their ruler. That is until Kaos came to rid Skylands of the Core of Light. Who will save the Skylanders now? You can control the Skylanders on your Portal of Power. Who win win?…

  24. Liz Terek says

    If I were a Skylander, I’d still be called Mom. I’d have the same abilities except kids would appreciate me because I was invloved in video games :)

  25. ger says

    If I were a skylander,
    my powers would be invisible,
    and certainly not despicable.
    I would be like a fly on the wall,
    truly hearing, everything and all.
    Darting here, darting there,
    my skylander name is InvisiGer!

  26. Allison Lesley says

    If I were a Skylander my name would be Willow and I would have powers over all of nature. I would look very much like a mother earth:)

  27. Blake says

    If I were a sky lander red as flame I would probably have the most fame. I will protect skyland from bad evil. I would fly like a dragon and shoot fire and never be a liar.

  28. Benjamin T says

    If I was a skylander this is who I would be. His name would be BLADES. He would be an ice type. Unlike the other skylanders, blades can skate instead of fly. One of his first moves would be face off stick which he swings and hits things with. His other move would be puck shooter which blades shoots a puck at the enemy. His upgrading paths would be master stick handler and puck master. Blades colors would be white and blue. Blades is a penguin who was found by Spyro on an iceburgh looking cloud and was brought back to skylands. Blades has a V-shape of steel armor on his head and has ice shooters on his wings so he can freeze anything, even water so he can move across it. HIs battle cry when put on th portal ow power would be “Freeze” and “Chill Out”. His heroic challenge would be find all 5 keys to pass on through the gate that leads to a rock monster which he has to beat in 4 min. Blades would have full strength, 85 defense, 85 speed and 50 charm. Every time Blades shoots enemies with ice he can hit them and they disinagrate. I would really like to see blades on the game of skylanders!

    I really enjoy the game! It is my favorite game and the only thing I ever play. You had a very good imagination to come up with it. Also, it is one thing I cannot live without, I think it is the most awesome game there is! I am the biggest skylanders fan there is. Also can you think about making my made up skylander into a real one on the game?

  29. Cynthia Brinsley says

    Mine would be Muse. I would be a dominating dark figure with the ability to cast spells on other characters to confuse th

    A dark evil temptress am I, is what you accuse
    A soulsucking Skylander, I would be “Muse”
    With powers beyond the knowledge of man
    I use my brains to get out what I can

    I’ll take your soul and follow with your life
    A dark sided diva, not a preacher’s wife
    I’ll take any enemy, no matter the size
    But for real, I really want this prize!!

  30. Deeanna says

    If i was a character in skylander. My name would be Monchi the fire breathing dragon. I would be pink and purple.

  31. Nancy Bobbert says

    If I were a Skylander my name would be SkeleSpartan. I would be a Spartan warrior that is a skeleton. I would have a long sword and an awesome shield too. No one could defeat me!

  32. Alicia S. says

    I’d be Turner..a tornado that wiped everyone out! I’d have the ultimate power to clear all the other characters out.

  33. Carissa says

    I would be Eterna, a sapphire & amethyst colored dragon. My power would be control of all the elements (fire, water, air/wind, earth). I don’t know much about Skylanders, but my guys are crazy about anything video game related!

  34. meme says

    If I were a Skylander
    I would be sneaky like a cat
    I would have night vision and wings like a bat
    I would swim as fast as a turtle
    but my name would not be murtle
    I would have the ability to fly through the sky
    and teach others they can do anything as long as they try