Sparkling Clean in 2013 #Cascade Complete

We moved to our new house about a week before Christmas — talk about a fresh start for the New Year!  Although our new home isn’t brand new, the walls are sparkling white with fresh paint and when we moved in it was immaculately clean.  I’ve got three young children and this house is much bigger than I’m used to but I’ve resolved to keep the house sparkling clean in 2013!  Since our kitchen is pretty much the center of our home it’ll probably be my biggest challenge.  I’ve always cleaned up immediately after dinner by loading the dishwasher, washing pots and pans by hand and wiping down the counters. For me, the hard part is the clutter that tends to gather on the counters!  But that’s a story for another day.

Our “new” dishwasher seemed to be having some issues the first few times we ran it. Some of the dishes were not coming out clean at all.  Then a sample of Cascade Complete arrived in my mailbox.  We changed the dishwasher setting and tried the Cascade Complete Pacs on the dishwasher and viola! Clean dishes!  We had been using a generic liquid detergent but that obviously wasn’t cutting it.  I love the convenience of the Pacs and of course the fact that they actually work! No more spotty glasses, dried on food or running the dishwasher a second time just to get the dishes clean!

Keeping up with the dishes is the easiest way to keep your kitchen looking clean.  Even if your floors aren’t sparkling, at least the sink and counters are clear of dirty dishes. Make it a habit to load dishes into the dishwasher as soon as your finished with them and teach your children to do the same!  Take all the help you can get in the kitchen!  My four year old loves putting the silverware away and stacking plastic cups for the cupboard once the dishwasher has stopped running.  I always appreciate her help!

Here’s some fun facts:

  • Cascade automatic dishwashing detergent entered the market in 1953
  • At that time only 4% of households had dishwashers
  • Today, 60% of households have dishwashers
  • Cascade now offers dishwashing powders, gels, pacs, and additives to keep your dishes clean!

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