Steakhouse Elite Review & #Giveaway

Unfortunately, this giveaway is now closed.  The sponsor withdrew the prize because they were not satisfied with my  review of the product.  I refuse to be dishonest with my readers.  My documentation of the fat content of this product apparently upset some people.  Overall I gave the product a positive review however the company’s decision to back out of their agreement has left a bad taste in my mouth.  My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you!  You’ll find all of my current giveaways here for more chances to win great prizes!

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  1. Jill H says

    I too applaud you for your integrity. And was going to comment that your word of the day “STEAK” has now made me very hungry! :-)

  2. ellen says

    I would much rather someone be honest . It is unfortunate the sponsor backed out – perhaps they think other people dont drain the fat off and there was nothing wrong that you showed it. It surely doesnt mean they had a bad product, or were even shown in a bad light.

    I lose respect for reviewers who dont tell the good bad and the ugly (if there is an ugly) If I decided to buy based on a glowing review and end up with something not as they advertised it, I would think afterwards what they have to say isnt the truth. You told the truth, the meat had some fat.

    Apparently the meat having some fat didnt deter some of us to be interested in them………. we knew from your honest review you were overall pleased and it tasted good!

    • holly says

      Thanks, Ellen! I appreciate your comment. I’m glad you understand exactly where I was coming from! It’s unfortunate that the company couldn’t back it’s product or handle an honest, yet still positive review. I was told that they’ve never had that problem with the fat before but when I offered to re-review and update my post with the results they didn’t agree to it. The product packaging doesn’t state the fat content anywhere on it which seems a little odd to me.

      I just feel bad that I offered a giveaway and then couldn’t follow through with it. I’m glad my readers are understanding! :)

  3. Tammy S says

    Good for you! You are honest and no one is going to make you change who you are at your core. I love it!

    If they can’t stand the heat. They should heat out of the kitchen! LOL

  4. betty says

    Let’s hear it for honesty! and boo to hypersensitive sponsors
    I’ve always suspected sponsors absolutely expect a positive spin on the ‘review’. They are hiring the blogger to promote their product, not to critique it. And it doesn’t matter that the price of that promotion may only be the barter value of the product they sent the blogger. If they don’t get a positive and productive ‘commercial’ out of the experience, the sponsor will not be dealing with that blog again.

  5. Jorgee Johnson says

    Thanks for being honest, truthful, and keeping your integrity when the being pushed. Thanks for all you do!!!