Summer Activity Books from Candlewick Review & #Giveaway

I'm bored


Have you heard the words “I’m bored” a lot this summer?  There’s no reason for kids to be bored!  There’s so much to see, explore and do!  And there’s always BOOKS!  These books from Candlewick Press are the best of both worlds.



Doodle with maisy

[amazon_link id=”0763664901″ target=”_blank” ]Doodle with Maisy[/amazon_link] by Lucy Cousins 80 pages ∙ 2-5 years

Creative Maisy fans – it’s time to make your mark!  Take your pencil on a doodling adventure in this irresistible Maisy activity book created by Lucy Cousins.  There’s hours of fun—and something for everyone—in this hands-on Maisy doodle-fest!

magical mix ups

[amazon_link id=”0857631616″ target=”_blank” ]Magical Mix-Ups: Pets and Parties[/amazon_link] by Marnie Edwards, illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson  96 pages ∙ 7 years and up

Glitter at the ready, this book needs YOU!  Princess Sapphire and Emerald the Witch live in the mixed-up land of Mixtopia, where everything is just a little bit odd…let’s face it, perfect princesses and scruffy witches are not usually best friends.  Doodle, design and draw while you read and make Sapphire’s birthday wish come true!

sneaky art

[amazon_link id=”0763656488″ target=”_blank” ]Sneaky Art[/amazon_link] by Marthe Jocelyn 64 pages ∙ 8 years and up

For young artists, tricksters, and crafters, here is a hip, friendly how-to manual for creating removable and shareable art projects from easily found materials. The sneaky part is in the installation! Each work of art is custom-created for display in public places. This utterly unique guide offers a stylish and sweet “made-you-look-twice” spirit of fun meant to put a smile on the faces of strangers and loved ones alike.


 lets build a playground


Let’s Build a Playground by Michael J. Rosen and KaBOOM, illustrated by Ellen Kelson and Jennifer Cecil 32 pages ∙ 5 years and up

What’s your dream playground? Grab a piece of paper and let your imagination go wild! That was the first step when two hundred kids and grown-ups got together to build the playground in this book—one of two thousand that KaBOOM! has helped create. Michael J. Rosen’s lively free verse, together with colorful photographs, capture the enthusiastic teamwork leading up to the final build of a playground in one day—a playground that will welcome kids of all ages well into the future.

go out and play

[amazon_link id=”0763655309″ target=”_blank” ]Go Out and Play!: Favorite Outdoor Games by KaBOOM![/amazon_link] by KaBOOM 104 pages ∙ 5 years and up

Go outside and play! Here, at your fingertips, are how-to’s for more than seventy best-loved games, all set to spread the fun of active play to kids of all ages. This lively, infectious guide to games runs the gamut from classic to contemporary: freeze tag, blindman’s bluff, red light green light, four square, duck duck goose, and so many more. It’s all sparked by KaBOOM!, a nonprofit with a passion for creating outdoor play spaces nationally and around the world.

look up

[amazon_link id=”0763645613″ target=”_blank” ]Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard[/amazon_link] by Annette LeBlanc Cate 64 pages ∙ 8 years and up

This conversational, humorous introduction to bird-watching encourages kids to get outdoors with a sketchbook and really look around. Quirky full-color illustrations portray dozens of birds chatting about their distinctive characteristics, including color, shape, plumage, and beak and foot types, while tongue-in-cheek cartoons feature banter between birds, characters, and the reader.


where's waldo

[amazon_link id=”0763661783″ target=”_blank” ]Where’s Waldo? The Totally Essential Travel Collection[/amazon_link] by Martin Handford $14.99 ∙ 172 pages ∙ 5 – 9 years

Waldo seekers on their own voyages will be raring to go with this compact compilation featuring all seven of his renowned excursions: Where’s Waldo?, Where’s Waldo Now?, Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey, Where’s Waldo? The Wonder Book, Where’s Waldo? In Hollywood, Where’s Waldo? The Great Picture Hunt, and Where’s Waldo? The Incredible Paper Chase.

Of course all of these are great books but we have our favorites!  Sneaky Art is really creative and fun while the Bird Watching book was right up our alley.  My mom has been keeping our bird feeders stocked and we’ve had lots of bird friends visiting us this summer.  Grandma has been having fun checking this book out with my kiddos.  The Where’s Waldo Travel Collection is perfect for the car — a classic that keeps kids busy wherever they are!

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