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Sharon Lechter, a life-long advocate for education, is well known for her part in a number of best-selling books. Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Rich Dad series taught some excellent lessons in the common sense ways that wealth can be earned – and kept – throughout a lifetime. Sharon continues her work to educate children and families as a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, serving Presidents Bush and Obama. Sharon is also the founder of Pay Your Family First, LLC, a financial education organization, and YOUTHpreneur, an online social community designed to ignite the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Pay Your Family First has released a new board game called Thrive Time for Teens, designed to challenge your thinking and help you see patterns in good choices vs. bad choices with money. You will decide when to start businesses, weighing the profit potential against start up costs and time commitments; make decisions about things like buying cars, going to college, and giving to charity – activities that might cost money but have financial benefits in the long run; you’ll learn the positive and negative consequences of using credit and practice keeping track of debt and paying it off responsibly. Each player has a full accounting sheet with areas to keep track of cash on hand, money in savings, businesses, debts, salary, living expenses. Cards drawn could reward you for giving to charity or punish you for buying too many lattes.

The first time you play the game it seems a little complicated, but it doesn’t take long to pick it up. I played with my daughter who is only 10, and she understood and LOVES the game. In her words:

“The game is really fun and I had a good time playing it. I learned the importantness (lol) of saving money, how to Be Fab (Back straight, Eye Contact, Firm Handshake, Ask Questions, Be Bold – she remembered ALL of these on her own!), that you need to choose things carefully, don’t just choose things without thinking.”

I was really surprised that she remembered all of “Be Fab” without any help. There are “Be Fab” cards that provide excellent benefits to you in the game, but require you to stand up and present yourself to the other players. As a business woman, I’ve always felt that one of my advantages is my ability to speak in front of people and be poised under pressure so that fact that this game specifically aims to teach that is fantastic.

One of the things that I think is sorely missing in today’s education system is the ability to make decisions, the process behind it. I think Thrive Time really helps to fill some of that decision making gap, plus some of the financial education that schools just don’t have time to teach anymore. The majority of my career thus far has been spent in banking and I can tell you that there is a large percentage of the adult population that doesn’t understand credit, debt, or even how to balance a checkbook. Teaching these concepts early can save your children a great deal of heartache – and money – in the future.

Thrive Time for Teens is available for purchase at Notice there is also a link for donating a game to a local organization – teaching yet again the powerful rewards of sharing with others.

After a decade in the corporate world as a working mom, Rachel, a MWC guest blogger, is a new stay at home mom to her 9-year old daughter and 3 month old son. She also writes for The Examiner as the Baby and Toddler Gear Examiner in the Seattle area. Check out her stories and reviews HERE.

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