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flash and go

I’ve always hated shaving my legs, especially in the summer when they’re exposed more often.  My legs are sensitive to shaving and I can’t do it everyday or they bleed and get scabs (ew.)  It was never too much of a problem because I live in the Seattle area and it doesn’t get very hot for more than a few days in a row.  Then I moved to Texas.  I was pregnant at the time but really wanted to get laser hair removal since shorts and capris were now a wardrobe staple in the warmer climate.  A few months after my son was born my hubby said if I really wanted it, I could start getting treatments.  Then I found out I was pregnant with #2 and almost immediately decided to move back to Washington and it came much less important.

Over the years I’ve experimented with different types of hair removal: Waxing (at home and professionally), Nair, and a device similar to what most people know as the Epilady that grabs your hair and yanks it out by the roots.  This is the one that I’ve had the most success with but it obviously isn’t pleasant and I abandoned it years ago.  I haven’t given much thought to hair removal since we’ve left Texas.  I’m happily married with 3 kids and a busy life that doesn’t include expensive beauty treatments.  Yet when I heard about the Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Remover, I was instantly intrigued.

This FDA-cleared, light-based device is a permanent hair removal solution that can be used at home.  The high-tech design of the applicator allows you to target any area you’d like treated including, legs, armpits, bikini line, even facial areas using highly sophisticated  Home Pulsed Light technology which has been proven to safely and effectively provide long term hair removal results.  A unique skin color sensor determines the treated area’s skin complexion for safety and the pulse speed ensures quick treatment.  Flash & Go is an affordable alternative to professional laser hair removal treatments.  Priced around $300, users typically see results after 4 treatments, a significant savings with the convenience of treatments in the comfort of your own home!

I have to admit, I was a little scared to try the Flash & Go.  I thought it would be really painful.  I started out on level 1.  I pulled the trigger and it zinged a little.  I moved it over to the next little section on my leg and didn’t feel a thing when I pulled the trigger. I continued to the next area and still felt next to nothing.  I stepped that baby up all the way to a level 5 and it was still completely pleasant!  Nothing at all like the hair-ripper-outer I’d used in the past.  I think with that first pull of the trigger I must have had a stray hair that I missed while shaving.  Unlike other hair removal devices that require hair to be grown out to 1/4″ or more, this system requires freshly shaven skin.  I say that’s just one of the many benefits of this hair removal system!  Who wants to grow out their unwanted hair?  Other benefits include:

  • No ingrown hairs
  • No razor burn
  • Cost effective!
  • Convenient!

Flash & Go’s gentle pulses of light disable hair growth. The light energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature. The result is a virtually painless process that eliminates hair and provides permanent results. It doesn’t happen instantly though.  Treatments should be done every two weeks for 3-4 sessions.  After that you’ll only need treatment if hairs have grown back.  Continue until the desired results are achieved.  The number of sessions will vary from person to person but most notice a reduction by four treatments with good results after 6 treatments.  Since I’ve only done one treatment, I can’t report on the long term results but I have high hopes!  Just check out the reviews on Amazon!  This device works best on those with lighter skin tone and dark hair.  It’s not safe for use on those with tanned or naturally dark skin and is not as effective on lighter colored hair.

The unit comes with 2 flash cartridges good for 1,000 flashes each.  I should mention, the flashes are extremely bright even with closed eyes.  The instruction manual says it’s safe but I turn my head away and close my eyes with each trigger pull just to be on the extra safe side.  Extra cartridges can be purchased individually.

You can find out more about the Silk’n Flash & Go at www.silkn.com.

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    I too am intrigued. I have tried everything. Down to threading and that is too painful.